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practice short & long vowels


  Did you know that the Arabic alphabet consists of 28 letters? Did you also know for each of the 28 letters there can be six different sounds depending on the short or long vowel that the letter carries?

Arabic has three short and three long vowels. When anyone of these vowels is coupled with a consonant the consonant develops a unique sound.

Note a consonant can carry no vowel for the "pure" or  "default" sound of the letter. No vowel means the consonant carries a sequoun (ﮦ).
Listen below to each of the 28 letters. First you will hear the letter with no vowel then with the six consecutive vowels.

The Arabic Alphabet Song


Arabic Alphabet with Short and Long Vowels


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Be careful:
1- You can not attach short vowels onto long vowels. Why would you?
You already have the vowel!
2- You can not attach long vowels onto the Alif (As seen in the first horizontal row in the table below with the usage of the X's).
3- Nor can you attach a long vowel following its cognate consonant. For example, a waaw long vowel following the waaw consonant. It would just look weird wouldn't it!

Start clicking from the blue column below (right to left) to hear:

1- The "name" of the letter
2- The "sound" of the letter
3- Then, each letter with
the three short vowels: fatha, kasra, and dumma
4- Finally, each letter with
the three long vowels: alif, yih, and waaw

Note: The below "X" usage means 'not applicable.'

Listen to the Arabic alphabet with short and long vowels attached.

View the letters without the vowels (with transliteration).

View the letters without the vowels (without transliteration).

Watch this video clip on the nine "tricky" Arabic sounds.



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[01] Memorize the letters
    [02] Recognize short from long vowels
[03] Long vowels versus consonants
[04] Distinguish the fatha from the alif
[05] Distinguish damma from waaw
[06] Distinguish kasra from yih

Rule 1: Consonant + short vowel = syllable
[08] Rule 2: Learn to Read
[09] Rule 3: Learn to Read
[10] Rule 4: Learn to Read
[11] Quiz: Let's mix it up
[12] Definite and indefinite nouns
[13] Recognize masculine from feminine nouns
[14] The alif maqsuura
[15] Read sample text






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