5️⃣ Arabic (BEGINNER-HIGH)

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What you get

The last language tool you will ever need.

👍 ONE BOOKLET "30-Day Challenge Learn Arabic Plan."

   📘 LARGE Arabic print book, premium coated paper, full-color interior, and a glossy cover finish.

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💡 Demoed in the United Nations in New York AND used by Ivy League Schools in the United States.

💡 Produced by a dedicated global team of native instructors and students.

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Purchase your level. If not sure start with Beginner-Start, Intermediate-Low, or Advanced-Low.

9-LEVEL BOOKLET series (for print, mobile, and desktop)

PLUS 5 booklets (for print, mobile, and desktop):
1- The Alphabet 
2- How to Read 
3- Verbs (reference tool)
4- Story Reader - Beginner
5- Story Reader - Intermediate

Story readers DIRECTLY APPLY the 9-Level booklet series.

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