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I understand isolated words that are borrowed or used frequently. No ability to understand short phrases.

I am able to understand high frequency questions. Speaker needs to be slow and willing to repeat.


I can understand not only words and phrases but also simple sentences. Speaker needs to be slow and willing to repeat.


I am able to understand routine tasks such as directions and getting meals. I can interact in face-to-face conversations.


I can add greater diversity to my expression of routine tasks. Converse on phone and comprehend simple media reports.


I can sustain slightly longer conversations not context relevant; even though poor in quality.


Comprehension is still uneven but I can understand main idea. I can play with different time frames. Yes!


I can experience culturally implied meanings but fail to catch socio-cultural nuances. Extended complex discourse tires me.


I survive rapid colloquial speech with cultural references. Technical discussions and idioms are more frequently understood.


Topics covered in the above levels:


Week [01] Present yourself and others - independent pronouns

Week [02] a/an/the

Week [03] Male or female? - nouns and gender

Week [04] One or many? Singular and plural nouns


Week [01] Adjectives and their gender

Week [02] Plural adjectives

Week [03] Describe stuff - noun-adjective agreement

Week [04] Simple sentence structure - the equational sentence


Week [01] A step back into the past - the equational sentence in the past tense

Week [02] Say "no" to the present - negating the equational sentence

Week [03] Say "no" to the past - negating the past tense equational sentence

Week [04] Pointing out stuff - demonstrative and presentational particles


Week [01] Ask questions - interrogative particles

Week [02] Ask a question to point stuff out - demonstrative particles with questions

Week [03] Own stuff - the possessive suffix

Week [04] A nagging yet simple note – feminine noun prior to the possessive suffix


Week [01] The miracle idaafa construction

Week [02] To "belong to" using bitaaç, bitaaçt, bituuç

Week [03] Next to or under? – Prepositions

Week [04] Next to or under what? – Prepositions + objects


Week [01] It's not always the lonely number one – counting

Week [02] Not late again! – telling time

Week [03] One point in time in the past – simple past verb

Week [04] Present continuous and simple present derived from the infinitive


Week [01] Dreaming of the future? – the future tense

Week [02] Saying "no" to motion – negating the verb (all tenses)

Week [03] Finally time to use the complex tense - kaan with the verbal sentence

Week [04] Bossing people around – imperative


Week [01] Better vs. best – comparatives and superlative of adjectives

Week [02] State and not motion (a philosophical matter) - the active participle (part 1 of 2)

Week [03] One very long word = direct + indirect suffixes

Week [04] Passive construction (simplified)


Week [01] Magically join simple thoughts together – conjunctions

Week [02] We've come a long way - the compound sentences

Week [03] Passive construction (advanced)

Week [04] Active Participle (part 2 of 2)