Better vs. best – comparatives and superlatives



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Comparatives and superlatives are adjectives to compare nouns.

    What is a comparative adjective?

A comparative adjective uses -er or more.


This ball is bigger than that ball.


This ball is more expensive than that ball.

   What is a superlative adjective?

A superlative adjective is similar to the -est or most.


This ball is the biggest.


This ball is the most expensive.



Be careful. You asked and we answered.

Notice the comparative form begins with an alif carrying a hamza (أ  ) PLUS an internal structural irregular change to the adjective PLUS the particle (مِنْ ) .

Tip: Try to look for patterns as you learn the internal structure of comparatives.


Example of a comparative


Comparative = Comparative form + min (than) + definite noun          

Example of a comparative

هَذِهِ السِّجّادَةُ أكْبَرُ مِنْ هَذِهِ السِّجّادَةِ

السِّجّادَة دي أكْبَرْ مِنْ السِّجّادَة دي

e.g.  1  Is siggaada di akbar min is siggaada di.

This rug is bigger than that rug.


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