Vowels and Consonants


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Learn your vowels with the alphabet.

   Did you know the Arabic alphabet consists of 28 letters? All 28 letters are CONSONANTS.



There are also 6 VOWELS in Arabic which can be joined to 28 CONSONANTS .

Arabic has three short and three long vowels. Each of the vowels, when joined with a consonant, alters the sound of the consonant.

Consonants can also carry NO VOWEL. This is the "pure" sound of the consonant.

The symbol for the no vowel is the sequoun (). The sequoun appears as a small circle above the consonant.

Arabic Alphabet with
Short and Long Vowels


The Arabic Alphabet Song


Press and listen:

Listen to all SIX short and long vowels attached to the 28 consonants.

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  Be careful:

Short vowels can only be attached to consonants.

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