Present yourself and others - independent pronouns


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Drill 1: Listen then say out loud 

Listen for independent pronouns.

Drill 1: Practice your independent pronouns 


He is Ahmed.

هُوَ أحْمَدُ*

هُوَ أَحْمَد
Howwa Ahmed.


I am Samia

أنا سامِيَةُ

أَنا سَامِيَة
Ana Samia.

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أحْمَدُ: Is a diptote because it is a proper name derived from a verb form.


Drill 2 & answers

  Translate the below sentences using independent pronouns.

Answers below for drill 2

Drill 2 

She is Susan.

He is Hisham. 

We are Tom, Mariam, and Hisham.

They are Mona and Hisham.

I am Sara. 


Arabic text:



Arabic using English text:


Answers for drill 2

Independent Pronouns

Question                              Answer

She is Susan.

هِيَ سوزانْ

هِيَ سوزانْ
Hiyya Susaan.

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