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  What are adjectives?

Adjectives describe nouns.

Happy girl
"Happy" is the adjective.




Adjectives, in Arabic, are masculine, feminine, or plural depending on the noun they modify.

If the noun is masculine the adjective is masculine.
If the noun is feminine the adjective is feminine.
If the noun is plural the adjective is plural.

Think of adjectives as bipolar or sheep copying the gender of noun they modify.

An adjective is masculine if it ends in a consonant.
An adjective is feminine if it ends in an… “a” sound.

So it's simple to recognize the masculine and feminine form of an adjective. You will find yourself recognizing the gender of the adjectives without much thought.

Don't forget that nouns are either masculine OR/ feminine and can never change gender.


Adjectives, however, copy the gender of the noun.

English, of course, does not use gender agreement.

Gender, however, is easy in Arabic when compared, for example, to French. The
"a" ending, referred to as the ti marbuuta, is an easy signifier for both feminine nouns and adjectives.


Stop for words...


fed up

121 mafluuq




 123  mafluuqiin

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