The equational sentence in the past tense



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Conjugation of Kaan = was

أنا كُنْتُ
أنا كُنْتْ
ana kunt  

I was

نَحْنُ كُنّا
إحْنا كُنّا
iḥna kunna

We were

أنْتَ كُنْتَ
إنْتَ كُنْتْ
3  inta kunt  

you were  

أنْتُم كُنْتُم
إنْتُمْ كُنْتُمْ
intum kuntum 

you were

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Drill with answers

Change these sentences into the past tense.

   Answers below for drill


اِلشّارِعُ طَويلٌ

الشّارِعْ طَوِيلْ
Ish shaariç awiil.

The street is long.


اَلْمَدْرَسَةُ قَديمَةٌ

اِلْمَدْرَسَةْ قَديمَةْ

Il madrasa ‘diima. 
The school is old.

سارَةُ مُتْعَبَةٌ

سارَةْ تَعْبانَةْ

Sara taçbaana.  
Sara is tired.


اَلطَّعامُ لَذيذٌ

اِلأَكْلْ طِعِمْ

Il ‘akl tiçim.  
The food is tasty.


اَلسَّيارةُ حَمْراءُ

اِلْعَرَبِيَةْ حَمْرَةْ

Il çarabiyya hamra.
The car is red.


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حَمْراءُ - Is a diptode so cannot take nunation and the genitive case appears in the accusative form. Diptodes must be indefinite.


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اَلشّارِعُ طَويلٌ

الشّارِعْ طَوِيلْ

  Ish shaariç tawiil.
The street is long.

اَلشّارَعُ كانَ طَويلاً

الشّارِعْ كانْ طَويلْ

 10  Ish shaariç kaan tawiil.
The street was long.

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