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Four ways to form questions

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For both MSA & Egyptian Colloquial:

The four ways to ask a question...

 1- Intonation
 2- Interrogative particles
3- Us
e  1  mish kidda = right? =مِشْ كِدا ألَيْسَ كَذَلِكَ

Mish kidda:

ألَيْسَ كَذَلِك

مِشْ كِدا


    4- Only for Egyptian Colloquial: Place huwwa هو hiyya هي or humma هم at the beginning of the sentence to trigger a question.


هُوَّ فَريدْ؟  
3   Howwa Fariid? (subject masculine)

Is he Farid?

هُمَّ سامْيَةْ وِ فَريدْ؟
Humma Samia wi Fariid? (subject plural)

They are Samia and Farid?

   If the subject is masculine use huwwa هو
If the subject is feminine use hiyya هي
If the subject is plural use humma هم


    Skip (not really necessary):

To form questions if the subject is a singular or plural independent pronoun (and not a proper noun) use هو.


هُوَّ مِنْ هنا
Huwwa min hinna.
He is from here.

هُوَّ هُوَّ مِنْ هنا؟
Huwwa huwwa min hinna?

   Is he from here?

   The first huwwa is the subject.
The second huwwa forms the question.

    End of skip section.

Only MSA/Classical:

For MSA/Classical Arabic place هل at the beginning of the sentence.

     Example using "hal" particle:
أنْتِ سامْيَة ُ؟ can also be هل أنْتِ سامْيَة ُ؟ = Are you Samia?

The use of intonation

Intonation - an easy way


أنْتِ سامْيَة ُ؟
إنْتِ سامْيَةْ؟
2   Inti Samia?

  You are Samia?

هُوَ فَريدٌ؟
هُوَّ فَريدْ؟
3   Howwa Fariid?

  He is Farid?

هُمْ سامِيَةُ و فَريدٌ؟
هُمَّ سامْيَةْ وِ فَريدْ؟
4   Humma Samia wi Fariid?

 They are Samia and Farid?

أنْتَ أحْمَدُ؟
إنْتَ أحْمَدْ؟
5   Inta Ahmad?

You are Ahmad?

أنْتُم سارَةُ و جيم؟
إنْتُمْ سارَةْ وِ جيمْ؟
6   Intum Sara wi Jim?

   You are Sara and Jim?


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