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Possession using Bitaa3.


1 bitaa3 - بِتاعْ means “to belong to” and is used for possession.

This lesson does not have an MSA/Classical equivalent.

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Notice the subject in the below table MUST Be definite. Why? Because we can not possesses an indefinite noun.

A street is yours.
The street is yours.

Again, the subject must be definite.

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Subject (m.)



Possessive suffix


Possessive suffix attached to bitaa3

I a Ish shaari3



i - mine

اِلـشّارِعْ بِتاعـِي

Ish shaari3bitaa3i.

The street is mine.

Literally: "The street belongs to me."

a Ish shaari3



ak - your (m.)

اِلـشّارِعْ بِتاعَـكْ

  Ish shaari3bitaaak.
The street is yours.

Subject (f.)



Possessive suffix


Possessive suffix attached to bitaa3t

aIl maya


10  abita3t

i - mine

 اِلْـمَيَّه بِتاعْتـِي

 11  Il maya bita3i.

The water is mine.

Literally: "The water that belongs to me."

Il maya



ak - yours (m.)

اِلْـمَيَّهْ بِتاعْتـَكْ

 12  Il maya bitaak.
The water is yours.

Subject (pl.)



Possessive suffix


Possessive suffix attached to bituu3

il kutub


19  bituu3

i - mine

اِلـكُّتُبْ بِتوعـِي

 20  Il kutub bituu3i.

The books are mine.

Literally: "The books that belong to me."

il kutub



ak - yours (m.)

 اِلـكُّتُبْ بِتوعَـكْ

 21   Il kutub bituu3ak.
The books are yours.

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