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Possession using Bitaaç.


1 bitaaç - بِتاعْ means literally “to belong to” and is used to convey possession.

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Let’s take a look at the below table for all of the forms of bitaaç

Listen, repeat, and memorize

Notice the subject in the below table MUST BE definite. Why?
Because we can not possesses an indefinite noun.

A street is yours.
The street is yours.

Again, the subject must be definite.

Subject (masc.)



Possessive suffix


Possessive suffix attached to bitaaç

I a ariç



i - mine

اِلـشّارِعْ بِتاعـِي

Ish shaariç bitaai.

The street is mine.

Literally: "The street belongs to me."

a Ish shaariç



ak - your m.

اِلـشّارِعْ بِتاعَـكْ

  Ish shaariç bitaaak.
The street is yours.

Subject (fem.)


bitaaç (fem.)

Possessive suffix


Possessive suffix attached to bitaaçt

aIl maya


10  abitaçt

i - mine

 اِلْـمَيَّه بِتاعْتـِي

 11  Il maya bitaçi.

The water is mine.

Literally: "The water that belongs to me."

Il maya



ak - yours m.

اِلْـمَيَّهْ بِتاعْتـَكْ

 12  Il maya bitaak.
The water is yours.

Subject (plural)



Possessive suffix


Possessive suffix attached to bituuç

il kutub


19  bituuç

i - mine

اِلـكُّتُبْ بِتوعـِي

 20  Il kutub bituuçi.

The books are mine.

Literally: "The books that belong to me."

il kutub



ak - yours m.

 اِلـكُّتُبْ بِتوعَـكْ

 21   Il kutub bituuçak.
The books are yours.

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