[01] Podcast egyptian colloquial: let me introduce myself

Step 1 of 4: Review grammar theme for podcast
podcast grammar theme: independent pronouns

Step 2 of 4: Listen to podcast       




Step 3 of 4: Review words in podcast   




ana - I

مِن فين
min feen
from where?

winta - and you

you (masc.)

هُوَّ مين
huwwa miin
who is he?

هِيَّ مين
hiyya miin

who is she?


you (fem.)

مِن كَنَدا
min Canada
from Canada

thank you

izzayak?  how are you (masc.)

Lubnaany  Lebanese

Lebanese (fem)

مساء النور
in nuur
good evening

مساء الخير
masaa' il khiir

good evening



Step 4 of 4: Read podcast dialogue   

مساء الخير        [click]
  Masaa' il khiir           
  Sara - Good evening.

مساء النور        [click]
  Masaa' in nuur
  Ashraf - Good evening.

أنا سارَة، وِإنْتَ        [click]
  Ana Sara, winta?
  Sara -
I am Sara, and you?

أنا أشْرَف، إزَّيِك        [click]
  Ana Ashraf, izzayik?
  Ashraf - I am Ashraf. How are you?

كْوَيِّسة، شُكْراً. إنْتَ مِن مَصْر؟        [click]
  Kwayyisa, shukran. Inta min maṣr?
  Sara - Good thanks. Are
you from Egypt?
لاء، أنا مِنْ لِبْنانْ. أنا لِبْناني.  وِإنْتِ؟ إنْتِ مِنْ فينْ؟        [click]
  La´ša, ana min Lubnaan.  Ana Lubnaany. Winti? Inti min feen?
  Ashraf - No, I am from Lebanon. I am Lebanese. And you? Where are you from?

أنا مِن هِنا. أنا مِن مَصْر. أنا مَصْرِيَّة. هُوَّ مين؟        [click]
  Ana min hina. Ana min maṣr. Ana maṣriyya. Huwwa meen?
  Sara -
I am from here. I am from Egypt. I am Egyptian. Who is he?

هُوَّ خالـِدْ. خالِدْ مِنْ كـَنـَدا. خالـِدْ مَصْري وِكـَنَدي        [click]
  Huwwa KHaaled. KHaaled min Canada. KHaaled Maṣry wi Canady.
  Ashraf - He is Khaled. Khalid is from Canada. Khaled is Egyptian and Canadian.

وِهِيَّ مين؟        [click]
  Wi hiyya meen?
  Sara - And who is

هِيَّ نِفين. نِفين فَرَنْسَوِيَّة وِلُبْنانِيّة        [click]
  Hiyya Neveen. Neveen franṣawiyya wi Lubnaaniyya.
  Ashraf - She is Neveen. Neveen is French and Lebanese.
 Questions with answers                                                                                             
مِنْ أيِ بَلَد سارة؟       [click]

Q:  Where is Sara from? 

A:   سارَة مِن مَصْر
    Sara min Masr.
Sara is from Egypt.

هُوَّ أشْرَفْ مِنْ مَصْر؟       [click]

Q:  Is Ahraf from Egypt? 

A:  أشْرَف مِن لُبْنان
    Ashraf min Lubnaan.
    Ashraf is from Lebanon.

مِنْ أيْ بَلَد خالِد؟      [click]

Q:  Where is Khaled from?  

A:  خالِد مِن كَنَدا
    khaaled min Canada.
    Khaled is from Canada.

هُوَّ خالِد عَنْدُه جِنْسِيِّتيِن؟      [click]

Q:  Is Khaled of two nationalities?

A:  أيْوَه، خالِد مَصْري وِكَنَدي
    Aywa, khaaled Maṣri wi Canadi
Yes, Khaled is Egyptian and Canadian.

هِيَّ نِفين لِبْنانِيَّة وِبَسْ؟      [click]

Q:  Is Neveen just Lebanese?  

A:  لاء، نِفين فَرَنْسَوِيَّة وِلُبْنانِيَّة
La´ša, Neveen franṣawiyya wi Lubnaaniyya.
No, Neveen is French and Lebanese.



This podcast is Egyptian spoken Arabic. Now see the MSA/Classical version.


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