[02] Podcast msa: monster enters the room


Step 1 of 4: Review grammar theme for podcast

podcast grammar theme: interrogative particles

Step 2 of 4: Listen to podcast 




Step 3 of 4: Review words in podcast  




you came

وَحْشٌ         monster              

أشْعُرُ بِبُرودَةٍ
I feel cold

your name               

هَلْ يُمْكِنُني
can I


they are sleeping


the bed

ألَيْسَ كَذَلِكَ؟


the window


Step 4 of 4: Read podcast dialogue 

 ما هَذا؟        [click]
  Ihaab - What is this?

 أهْلاً!        [click]
  Bubu- Hello!

 مَن أنْتَ؟        [click]
  Ihaab - Who are you?

 أنا اِلبوجي مان        [click]
  Bubu- I am the boogie man.

 مِن أيْنَ حَضَرْتَ؟        [click]
  Ihaab - Where did you come from?
 مِن اَلشُّبّاكِ؟        [click]
  Bubu- From the window?

 أنا نائمٌ، ألَيْسَ كَذَلِكَ؟        [click]
  Ihaab - I'm asleep, right?

 لا، أنْتَ لَسْتَ نائِماً. أنْتَ يَقِظٌ        [click]
  Bubu- No you are not asleep, you are awake.

 ما اِسْمُكَ؟        [click]
  Ihaab - What is your name?

 اِسْمي بُعْبُعْ        [click]
  Bubu- My name is Bubu.
 وَلِماذا أنْتَ هُنا؟        [click]
  Ihaab - And why are you here?

 أنا هُنا لِأنَّني أشْعُرُ بِالْبُرودَة        [click]
  Bubu- I am here because I am cold.

 لِماذا أنْتَ تَشْعُرُ بِالْبُرودَةِ؟        [click]
  Ihaab - Why are you cold?

 لِأنَّ اَلْجَوَّ بِالْخارِجِ بارِدٌ جِداً؟        [click]
  Bubu - Because outside it is very cold?

 اَلْجَوُّ بِالخارِجِ بارِدٌ؟        [click]
  The weather is cold outside?
 نَعَمْ، اَلْجَوُّ بارِدٌ جِداً. هَل يُمْكِنُني أنْ أنامَ مَعَكَ        [click]
  Bubu - Yes, the weather is very cold - can I sleep with you now?

 اَلآنَ؟  لَكِنْ اَلسّريرُ صَغيرٌ! وَأنْتَ كَبيرٌ!        [click]
  But the bed is small - and you are large!

 Questions with answers                                                                                                   
 مِنْ أيْنَ يَدْخُلُ الْوَحْشُ اَلْحُجْرَةَ؟        [click]

Q:  From where does the monster enter the room?

A:  مِن اَلشُّبّاكِ
From the window.

 هَلْ إيهابُ نائـِمٌ عِنْدَما يَدْخُلُ الْوَحْشُ الْحُجْرَةَ؟        [click]

Q:  Is Ihaab asleep when the monster enters the room?

A:  لا، إيهابُ لَيْسَ نائماً
No, Ehad is not asleep.

 ما اِسْمُ الْوَحْشِ؟     [click]

Q:  What is the name of the Monster?

A:  اِسْمُ الْوَحْشِ بُعْبُعْ
     The name of the monster is Buu.

 هَلِ الْوَحْشُ يَشْعُرُ بِالْبُرودَةِ أمِ بِالْدِفْءِ؟        [click]

Q:  Is the Monster cold or hot?

A:  هُوَ يَشْعُرُ بِالْبُرودَةِ
He is cold.

 ما حالُ الْجَوِّ بِالْخارِجِ؟        [click]

Q:  What is the weather like outside?

A:  اَلْجَوُّ بارِدٌ جِداً
The weather is very cold.



 This podcast is MSA/Classical Arabic. Now see the Egyptian colloquial/spoken version.


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