[02] Podcast egyptian colloquial: monster enters the room


Step 1 of 4: Review grammar theme for podcast

podcast grammar theme: interrogative particles

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Step 3 of 4: Review words in podcast   




- came

waḥsh - monster              

bardaan - cold

ak- your name                 

mumkin- can I

dilwa'ti- now

naymiin - they are sleeping

hina - here

is siriir - the bed

مِش كِدا؟
mish kidda? - right?

shaan- because

ish shibaak  - the window


Step 4 of 4: Read podcast dialogue  

 إيه دا؟      [click]
  Eh da?           
  Ihaab -
What is this?

 أهْلا!      [click]
  Bubu- Hello!

 إنْتَ مين؟      [click]
  Inta meen?
  Ihaab -
Who are you?

 أنا اِلبوجي مان؟      [click]
  Ana il boogie-man?
Bubu- I am the boogie man.

 جيت مِن فين؟      [click]
  Geeht min feen?
  Ihaab - Where did you come from?
 مِن اِلشِّباك؟      [click]
  Min ish shibaak?
  Bubu- From the window?

 أنا نايِم مِش كِدا؟      [click]
  Ana naayim, mish kidda?
  Ihaab - I'm asleep,

 لاء، إنْتَ مِش نايِم. إنْتَ صاحي      [click]
  La'a inta mish naayim. Inta ṣaaḥy.
  Bubu- No you are not asleep, you are awake.

 هُوَّ اِسْمَك إيه؟      [click]
  Huwwa ismak eh?
  Ihaab -
What is your name?

 اِسْمي بُعْبُع      [click]
  Ismi Bubu.
  Bubu- My name is Bubu.
 وِليه إنْتَ هِنا؟      [click]
  Wi liih inta hina?
  Ihaab - And
why are you here?

 أنا هِنا عَشان أنا بَرْدان      [click]
  Ana hina ashaan ana bardaan.
  Bubu- I am here because I am cold.

 ليه إنْتَ بَرْدان؟      [click]
  Lih inta bardaan?
  Ihaab -
Why are you cold?

 عَشان بَرَّه بَرْد قَوي؟      [click]
  ashaan barra bard awwi?
  Bubu- Because outside it is very cold?

 اِلْجَوّْ بَرْد بَرَّه؟      [click]
  Ihaab - Ig gaw bard barra?
  The weather is cold outside?
 أيْوَه، اِلْجَوّ بَرْد قَوي! مُمْكِن أنام مَعاك دِلْوَقْتِ؟      [click]
  Aywa, ig gaw bard awwi - mumkin 'anaam maaak dilwa'ti?
  Bubu- Yes, the weather is very cold - can I sleep with you now?

 بَس اِلسِّرير صُغَيّر! وِإنْتَ كِبير      [click]
  Ihaab - Bas is siriir sooghayar! Winta Kibiir!
  But the bed is small - and you are large!

 Questions with answers                                                                                                 
مِن فين اِلْوَحْشْ دَخَل اِلأودَة؟        [click]

Q:  From where does the monster enter the room?

A:   مِن اِلشِّباك
    Min ish shibbaak.
From the window.

هُوَّ إيهاب كان نايِمْ لَمَّا الْوَحْشْ دَخَل اِلـْأودَة؟        [click]

Q:  Is Ihaab asleep when the monster enters the room?

A:  لاء، إيهاب مِش نايِم
    La'a Ihaab mish naayim.
No, Ehad is not asleep.

اِسْمُه إيهْ الْوَحْشْ؟         [click]

Q:  What is the name of the Monster?

A:  اِسْم اِلْوَحْش بُعْبُع
Ism il waḥsh  Buu.
   The name of the monster is Buu.

هُوَّ الْوَحْشْ بَرْدان وَلاّ حَرّان؟        [click]

Q:  Is the Monster cold or hot?

A:  هُوَّ بَرْدان
Huwwa bardaan.
He is cold.

اِلْجَوّ شَكْلُه إيه بَرَّه؟       [click]

Q:  What is the weather like outside?

A:  اِلْجَوّ بَرْد قَوِي
Ig gaw bard awwi.
The weather is very cold.



 This podcast is Egyptian spoken Arabic. Now see the MSA/Classical version.


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