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Step 1 of 4: Review grammar theme for podcast
podcast grammar themes: verb negation, direct objects

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ما فَهَمْتوهاش
you did not

مِش بِتْخَلّينا
mish bitkhalliina - it does not allow/permit us

naḥt - sculpture

مِش مُهِمّ
mish muhim
- not important

مِش بِنِفْتِكْرُه
mish biniftikuruh
- we do not remember it

- you saw (plural)

- frequently

مِش حَتِفْتَكْريها
- you will not remember it

- artist

مِش بِنْشوف
mish binshuuf
- we do
not see

ما تِنْساش
- don't forget it

- hours

مِش بِنِفْهَم
mish binifham
- we do not understand

- picture

- it depends


Step 4 of 4: Read podcast dialogue   

عُمْرُكُم رُحْتُم مَتْحَف وِشُفْتُم حاجَة ما فَهَمْتوهاش؟        [click]
  ´šumrukum ruḥtum matḥaf wi shuftum ḥaaga mafahamtuuhaash khaalis?
  Did you ever go to a museum to see something
you did not understand (it) at all?

شُفْتُم لوحَة أوْ نَحْت وِوَقَفْتُم قُدّامْها بِالسّاعات؟        [click]
  shuftum looḥa 'aw naḥt wi wa'aftu uddamha bis sa´šaat?
  Did you see a painting or sculpture and stand in front of
it by the hours?

عُمْرُكُم سَألْتُم: إيِه دا! اِلْفَنّان كان بِيْفَكَر في إيه؟        [click]
  ´šumrukum sa'altum: eh da! Il fannaan kaan biyfakar fi eh?
  Did you ever ask: what is this! What was the artist thinking about?

في أغْلب اِلْوَقْت اِلْفَنّان بِيْقولْ: مِش مُهِمّْ بافَكَر في إيه، اِلْمُهِمّ إنْتَ شايِف إيه        [click]
  fi  aghlab el wa't il fannaan biy'uul: mish muhim ana bafakar fi eh il muhim inta shaayif eh.
  A lot of time the artist says: It is
not important what I am thinking about what is   important is what are you seeing.

بَس غالِباً إحْنا مِش بِنْشوف أو مِش بِنِفْهَم اِلْفَنّان        [click]
  Bas ghaliban ihna mish binshuuf 'aw mish binifham il fannaan.
  But frequently
we do not see or we do not understand the artist.
ساعات اِلْفَنّ ما لوش أيْ مَعْنىَ خالِص لَكِن فيه حاجَة فيه مِش بِتْخَلّينا نِنْساه        [click]
  Sa´šaat il fan maluush 'ay ma´šna khaalis lakin fiih ḥaaga fiih mish bitkhalliina ninsaah.
  Sometimes the art does not have any meaning but there is something in it that
does not allow us to forget it.

وِساعات اِلْفَنّ لُه مَعْنىَ لَكِن مِش بِنِفْتِكْرُه        [click]
  Wi Sa´šaat il fan luh ma´šna lakin mish biniftikuruh.
  And sometimes art has a meaning but
we do not remember it.

لَوْ شـُفْتْ وِدْنْ مـَعـْمولـَةْ مِنْ شـَمـْعْ حـَتـِفـْتـِكـِرْها وَلاّ مـِشْ حـَتـِفـْتـِكـِرْها        [click]
  Law shuft widn ma´šmuula min sham´š atiftikirha walla mish atiftikirha?
  If you saw an ear made of wakh will you remember
it or will you not remember it.

حَسَب ...        [click]
  It depends...

لَو اِلْوِدْن دي لِها مَعْنىَ في حَياتَك مُمْكِن ما تِنْساهاش.        [click]
  Law il widn di liha ma´šna fi ḥayaatak mumkin matinsahaash.
  If this ear
has a meaning in your life maybe you will not forget it.
 Questions with answers                                                                                                   
بِتِفْهَمْ عادَةً اِلْفَنّْ اِللي بِتْشوفُه؟        [click]

Q:  Do you usually understand the art you are looking at?

A:   No specific answers

هُوَّ الْفَنّْ دايْماً لُه مَعْنىَ؟        [click]

Q:  Does art always have meaning?

A:  No specific answers

إذا شُفْتْ وِدْن مَعْمولَة مِنْ شَمْعْ حَتِقَدَّرْها؟        [click]

Q:  If you saw an ear made of wakh would you appreciate it ?

A:  No specific answers

بِتِفْتِكِرعادَةً اِلْفَنّْ اِللي بِتْشوفُه؟        [click]

Q:  Do you usually remember the art you see?

A:  No specific answers

هُوَّ الْفَنّْ مُهِمّْ بِالنِّسْبَة لَك؟        [click]

Q:  Is art important to you?

A:  No specific answers



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