[20] Podcast egyptian colloquial: maze directions


Step 1 of 4: Review grammar theme for podcast
podcast grammar theme: counting

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Step 3 of 4: Review words in podcast   




shimaal- north; left

yimeen - right

´šala - to; on

ganoob - south

doghri - straight

shaari´š- street

shar' - east

عَلىَ طولْ
´šala ṭool - straight

'awil- first

gharb - west

wi ba´šdiin - and then

taalit - third


Step 4 of 4: Read podcast dialogue   

 اِمْشي دوغْرىِ        [click]
  imshi doghri
  Walk straight ahead.

 عَنْدْ تالِتْ شارِعْ يِمينْ خُدْ يـِمينـَكْ، اِمْشي دوغْريِ، وِبَعْدينْ يِمينْ، وِبَعْدينْ تاني شارِعْ شِمالْ        [click]
  ´šand taalit shaari´šyimeen khud yimeenak, 'imshi doghri, wi ba´šdiin yimeen, wi ba´šdiin taani shaari´šshimaal  
  At the third street to the right take your right, walk straight ahead; and then right, then the second street to the left.

 اِمْشي شْوَيّه وِخُدْ يـِمينـَكْ وِبـَعْدينْ شِمالْ        [click]
  imshi shwayya wi khud yimeenak wi ba´šdiin shimaal
  Walk a little then take your right then a left.

 خُدْ أوِّل شارِع عَلىَ شِمالَك في تاني شِمال، وِبَعْدين اِمْشي دوغْري لـِلْآخـِرْ خالِص        [click]
  khud 'awil shaari´š´šala shimaalak fi taanishimaal; wi ba´šdiin imshi doghri lil 'aakhir khaalis.
Take the first street to your left then the second to left; then walk straight to the very top.

 وِبَعْدين اِمْشي في اِتـِّجاهْ اِلشَّرْقْ لِلْآخِرْ        [click]
  wi ba´šdiin imshi fi 'ittigaah ishshar' lil 'aakhir.
And then walk eastward to the end.
 اِمْشي دوغْرِي في اِتـِّجاه اِلـْجـَنوبْ لِتاني شارِعْ شِمال        [click]
  imshi dughri ganoob li taani shaari´šshimaal. 
Walk straight ahead southwards to the second street left.

 خُدْ شِمال في شِمال تاني        [click]
  khud shimaal fi shimaal taani.
  Take a left then left again.

 أخيراً تَقْريباً وَصَلْتْ! إنْتَ كَمِّلْ        [click]
  'akhiiran ta'riiban waṣalt! Inta kamil!
  At last you have almost arrived! Now finish off!

 Questions with answers       
          (translate the below Arabic sentences.)                  
اِمْشي جَنوبْ في يِمينْ في شِمالْ        [click]

A:  walk northward then right then left.
'imshi ganoob fi yimeen fi shimaal.

دوغْريى        [click]

A:  straight ahead

اِمْشي دوغْري جَنوبْ        [click]

A:  walk straight northward
'imshi dughri ganoob.

خُدْ شِمالْ في شِمالْ        [click]

A:  take a left then a left
khud shimaal fi shimaal

تاني شارِعْ يِمينْ في يِمينْ في شِمال في يِمينْ        [click]

A:  second street to the right then right then left then right
taani shaari´šyimeen fi yimeen fi shimaal fi yimeen.



This podcast is Egyptian spoken Arabic. Now see the MSA/Classical version.


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