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Step 1 of 4: Review grammar theme for podcast

podcast grammar theme: adjectives

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heacting dumb

his car

لا مَثيلَ لَهُ
cool/laid back

he was surprised

لَمْ يَكُنْ
was not

he got angry

he is fed up



shuts up




لَيْسَتْ مُشْكِلَة ً
not a problem



street ticket


Step 4 of 4: Read podcast dialogue     

كانَ يوجَدُ رَجُلٌ اِسْمُهُ سام        [click]
  There was a man by the name of Sam.

سام كانَ في عَرَبَتِهِ عَلىَ الطَّريقِ السَّريعِ      [click]
  Sam was in his car on the highway.

سام كانَ  يَقودُ بِسُرْعَةٍ        [click]
  Sam was driving quickly.

سام كان سَعيداً وَيِشْعُرُ أنَّهُ لا مَثيلَ لَهُ        [click]
  Sam was happy and felt he was cool.

اَلشُّرْطِيُّ رَآهُ وَأوْقَفَهُ         [click]
  The policeman saw him and stopped him.
اَلشُّرْطِيُّ لَمْ يَكُنْ سَعيداً  وَثارَ عَلىَ سام       [click]
  The policeman was not happy and got angry with Sam.

سام نَظـَرَ إلىَ اَلشـُّرْطـِيِّ وَكانَ مَذ ْهولاً        [click]
  Sam looked at the policeman and was stunned.

اَلشُّرْطِيُّ طـَلـَبَ مِنْ سام رُخَصَهُ        [click]
  The policeman requested from Sam his licenses.

سام أصْبَحَ مُتـَوَتِّراً وَقَرَّرَ أنْ يكونَ مُضْحِكاً        [click]
  Sam became nervous and decided to be funny

سام أخْرَجَ أرَجوزاً بَدَلاً مِنْ الرُخَصِ        [click]
  Sam took out not the licenses but a puppet.
اَلْأراجوزُ لَمْ يَكُنْ مُتَوَتِّراً بَلْ كانَ مُضْحِكاً        [click]
  The puppet was not nervous but was funny.

اَلْأراجوزُ اِسْتَعْبَطـَ وَقالَ لِلشُّرْطـِيِّ        [click]
  The puppet was acting dumb and said to the policeman:

اِتْرُكْنيِ أَحِلُّ هـَذا اَلأمْرَ        [click]
  Let me solve the situation here.

اَلشُّرْطـِيُّ فوجـِىءَ وَكانَ مُتـَضايِقاً        [click]
  The policeman was surprised and was fed up.

سام صَمَتَ        [click]
  Sam shuts up.
اَلْأراجوزُ صارَ مُحْرَجاً وَمُرْتَبِكاً        [click]
  The puppet became embarrassed and confused.

الشُّرْطـِىُّ قالَ لِلْأراجوز: لا لَيْسَتْ مُشْكِلـَة ً. اِتْرُكْني أَحِلُّ هـَذا اَلأمْرَ        [click]
  The policeman tells the puppet: No, it's not a problem. Let me solve the situation here.

اَلشُّرْطِيُّ أعْطىَ الْأراجوزَ مُخالَفـَةً        [click]
  The policeman gives the puppet a ticket.

 Questions with answers   
ماذا كانَ اِحْساسُ سام وَهُوَ يَقودُ عَرَبَتـَهُ؟        [click]

Q:  What was Sam's mood while driving his car?

A:  سام كان سَعيداً وَيِشْعُرُ أنَّهُ لا مَثيلَ لَهُ
Sam was happy and felt he was cool.

ما الَّذي أخْطـَاءَ فيهِ سام؟        [click]

Q:  What did Sam do wrong?

A:  سام كانَ  يَقودُ بِسُرْعَةٍ
Sam was driving quickly.

كَيْفَ كانَ سام يَشْعُرُ عِنْدَما أوْقـَفـَهُ الشُّرْطـِيُّ؟        [click]

Q:  How did Sam feel when stopped by the policeman?

A:  سام كانَ مَذ ْهولاً
Sam was stunned.

كَيْفَ كانَ يَشْعُرُ الشُّرْطـِيُّ تِجاهَ الْأراجوزِ؟        [click]

Q:  How did the policeman feel towards the puppet?

A:  اَلشُّرْطـِيُّ فوجـِىءَ وَكانَ مُتـَضايِقاً
The policeman was surprised and was fed up.

هَلْ يُعْطي الشُّرْطِيُّ سام مُخالـَفـَة ً؟        [click]

Q:  Does the policeman give Sam a ticket? 

A:  اَلشُّرْطِيُّ أعْطىَ الْأراجوزَ مُخالَفـَةً
The policeman gives the puppet a ticket.



 This podcast is MSA/Classical Arabic. Now see the Egyptian colloquial/spoken version.


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