[32] Podcast msa: dad's halloween improvisation


Step 1 of 4: Review grammar theme for podcast

podcast grammar themes: future tense, negation

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Step 3 of 4: Review words in podcast     





he will sleep


he will be

بـَعْدَ الظـُّهْرِ

غـَيْرُ سـَعيدٍ
he is not happy

he will open

طـُوالَ الـْيَوْمِ

he will wake him up

he will see


he will go

ما زالَ
is still

he sings (infinitive form)

he will sing


صـَوْتٍ عالٍ


he will play

إلىَ أنْ

في زِيِّ


Step 4 of 4: Read podcast dialogue   

زِيادُ ما زالَ نائماً         [click]
  Ziad is still asleep.

زِيادُ سـَيَنامُ حَتَّى الثـّانِيَة بـَعْدَ الظـُّهْرِ        [click]
  Ziad will sleep until 2:00PM.

والـِدُهُ غـَيْرُ سـَعيدٍ        [click]
  His father is not happy.

هُوَ سـَيوقـِظـُهُ الآنَ        [click]
  He will wake him up now.

هُوَ سـَيوقـِظـُ زِيادَ لـِآنَّ الـيومَ "هالويينْ"        [click]
  He will wake up Ziad because it is Halloween today.
وَلـِأنَّ زِيادُ لا يُمْكِنُ أنْ يـَنامَ طـَوالَ الـْيَوْمِ        [click]
  And because Ziad can not sleep all day.

والـِدُهُ سَيَذْهَبُ داخِلَ حُجْرَتِهِ وَيُغَنـّي        [click]
  His father will go into his room and sing.

والـِدُهُ لـَنْ يُغَنـّي جـَيِّداً        [click]
  His father will not sing well.

وَوالـِدُهُ سـَيَلْعَبُ اَلْجيتارَ        [click]
  And his father will play the guitar.

والـِدُهُ سـَيَلْعَبُ الْجيتارَ بـِصَوْتٍ عالٍ        [click]
  His father will play the guitar loudly.
زِيادُ لـَنْ يَكونَ سـَعيداً        [click]
  Ziad will not be happy.

زِيادُ سَيَفـْتـَحُ عَـيْـنـَيْهِ        [click]
  Ziad will open his eyes.

وَلـَنْ يَرىَ والِدَهُ        [click]
  And he will not see his father.

لأنَّ والِدُهُ في زِيِّ وَحْشٍ        [click]
 Because his father is dressed like a monster.

زِيادُ سَيَكـونُ مُتَضايِقاً        [click]
  Ziad will be upset.
 Questions with answers           
مَتىَ يَنْوي زِيادُ أنْ يَسْتـَيْقـِظَ؟        [click]

Q:  When is Ziad planning to wake up?

A:   زِيادُ سـَيَنامُ حَتَّى الثـّانِيَة بـَعْدَ الظـُّهْرِ
will sleep until 2:00PM.

ما أهـَمِّـيَة ُ الْيَوْمِ؟        [click]

Q:  What is special about today?

A:  لـِآنَّ الـيومَ "هالويينْ"
t is Halloween today.

لـِماذا والـِدُ زيادَ مُتـَضايِقٌ؟        [click]

Q:  Why is Ziad's father upset?

A:  لـِأنَّ زِيادُ لا يُمْكِنُ أنْ يـَنامَ طـَوالَ الـْيَوْمِ
Because Ziad can not sleep all day.

لـِماذا والـِدُ زِيادَ يـَلْعَبُ الْجيتارَ؟        [click]

Q:  Why does Ziad's father play the guitar?

 A:  لِيُوقِظَ زِيادَ
      To wake Ziad up.
 لـماذا لا يـَرىَ زِيادُ والـِدَهُ؟       [click]

Q:  Why does Ziad not see his father?

A:  لأنَّ والِدُهُ في زِيِّ وَحْشٍ
Because his father is dressed like a monster.



 This podcast is MSA/Classical Arabic. Now see the Egyptian colloquial/spoken version.


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