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Step 1 of 4: Review grammar theme for podcast
podcast grammar themes: future tense, negation 

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Step 3 of 4: Review words in podcast     




ḥaynaam - he will sleep


ḥaykuun - he will be

بـَعْدْ اِلضُّهْر
bacd id duhr - afternoon

مـِشْ مـَبـْسوطْ
mish mabsuut - he is not happy

ḥayiftaḥ - he will open

طولْ اِلـْيومْ
ṭool il yom- all day

aysaḥiih- he will wake him up

ḥayshuuf - he will see

guwwa -

ḥayruuḥ - he will go

lissa - is still

yighanni- he sings (infinitive form)

ḥayghanni - he will sing

naayim- asleep

صوتْ عالي

suut ´šaali- loudly

ḥayil´šab - he will play

lighayit - until

laabis - dressed


Step 4 of 4: Read podcast dialogue     

زِيادْ لـِسَّه نايـِمْ        [click]
  Ziad lissa naayim.           
  Ziad is still asleep.

زِيادْ حـَيـِنامْ لـِغايـِةْ اِتـْنينْ بـَعْدْ اِلضُّهْرْ        [click]
  Ziad ḥaynaam lighayit itneen bacd id duhr.
will sleep until 2:00PM.

أبوهْ مِشْ مَبْسوطْ        [click]
  Abuh mish mabsuut.
  His father is not happy.

هُوَّ حـَيـِصَحيهْ دِلـْوَقـْتِ        [click]
  Huwwa aysaḥiih dilwa'ti.
will wake him up now.

هُوَّ حـَيـِصَحـِّي زِيادْ عـَشان اِلنَّهارْدا "هالويين"        [click]
  Huwwa ḥaysaḥi Ziad ´šashaan innaharda Halloween.
will wake up Ziad because it is Halloween today.
وِعـَشانْ زِيادْ مِشْ مـُمْـكـِنْ يـِنامْ طولْ اِلْيومْ        [click]
  Wi ´šashaan Ziad mish mumkin yinaam ṭool il yom.
  And because Ziad can not sleep all day.

أبوهْ حـَيـِروحْ جُوَّه أودْتـُهْ وِيـِغـَنِّي        [click]
  Abuh ḥayruuḥ guwwa udtu wi yighanni.
  His father
will go into his room and sing.

أبوهْ مـِشْ حـَيـِغـَنِّي كـْوَيِّس        [click]
  Abuh mish ḥayghanni kwayyis.
  His father will not sing well.

وِأبوهْ حـَيـِلـْعَبْ اِلـْجيتار        [click]
  Wi Abuh ḥayil´šab ig gitaar.
  And his father
will play the guitar.

أبوهْ حـَيـِلـْعَبْ اِلـْجيتارْ بـِصوتْ عالي        [click]
  Abuh ḥayil´šab ig gitaar bi suut ´šaali.
  His father
will play the guitar loudly.
زِيادْ مِشْ حـَيـِكونْ مـَبـْسوطْ        [click]
  Ziad mish ḥaykuun mabsuut.
  Ziad will not be happy.

زِيادْ حـَيـِفـْتـَحْ عـِينـِيهْ        [click]
  Ziad ḥayiftaḥ ´šiniih.
will open his eyes.

وِمـِشْ حـَيـِشوفْ أبوهْ        [click]
  Wi mish ḥayshuuf abuh.
  And he will not see his father.

عـَشانْ أبوهْ لابـِسْ زَي وَحْشْ        [click]
  ´šashaan abuh laabis zay wash.
  Because his father is dressed like a monster.

زِيادْ حـَيـِكونْ زَعـْلانْ        [click]
  Ziad ḥaykuun za´šlaan.
will be upset.
 Questions with answers                  
إمْتىَ زِيادْ ناويِ يـِصـْحىَ؟        [click]

Q:  When is Ziad planning to wake up?

A:   زِيادْ حـَيـِنامْ لـِغايـِةْ اِتـْنينْ بـَعْدْ اِلضُّهْرْ
Ziad will sleep until 2:00PM.

إيهْ اِلـْمـُهـِمْ في اِلـيومْ دا؟        [click]

Q:  What is special about today?

A:  اِلنَّهارْدا "هالويين"
    It is Halloween today.

لـيهْ أبو زِيادْ زَعـْلانْ؟        [click]

Q:  Why is Ziad's father upset?

A:  وِعـَشانْ زِيادْ مِشْ مـُمْـكـِنْ يـِنامْ طولْ اِلْيومْ
ecause Ziad can not sleep all day.

لـيهْ أبو زِياد بـِيـِلـْعَبْ اِلـْجيتار؟       [click]

Q:  Why does Ziad's father play the guitar?

 A:  عَلَشانْ يِصَحّي زِيادْ
To wake Ziad up.
لـيهْ زِياد ما بـِيـْشوفـْشْ أبوهْ؟        [click]

Q:  Why does Ziad not see his father?

A:  عـَشانْ أبوهْ لابـِسْ زَي وَحْشْ
    Because his father is dressed like a monster.



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