[38] Podcast msa: what I don't like about my job


Step 1 of 4: Review grammar theme for podcast

podcast grammar theme: possessive suffix (with verb "to have")

Step 2 of 4: Listen to podcast   


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Step 3 of 4: Review words in podcast   




لـَدَيْهِ عـَمَلٌ

he has work

لـَدَيْها مُشْكـِلـَةٌ

she has a problem

اَلـْبَسْكوتْ اَلّذي عـِنْدَها
the cookies that she has

لـَدَيْهِ اَلْحَلُّ
has the solution

عـِنْدَنا مِرْحاضٌ
we have a toilet

لـَدَيْنا مُشْكـِلـَةٌ
we have a problem

يـَعْمَلُ لـِحـِسابـِهِ
he has his own business

ذَهـَبَ لـَها
he went to her

لـَيْسَ عـِنْدي شـَهِيَةٌ
I do not have an appetite.

لـَيْسَ لـَدَيْهِ مُديرٌ
he doesn't have a boss

عـِنْدَ عـَلـِيَةُ
at Aliya's place


لـَدَيْهُمْ مُشـْكـِلـَةٌ
they have a problem

اَلـْأدَواتُ اَلـّتي عـِنْدَهُ
the tools that he has

كـُلُ يـَوْمٍ
every day

لـَدَيْها سـَبـّاكٌ
she has a plumber

لـَدَيْهِ أخـْلاقٌ عالـِيَةٌ
he has high moral values



Step 4 of 4: Read podcast dialogue   

آدَمُ لـَدَيْهِ أشـْغالٌ كـَثيرَةٌ كـُلَّ يـَوْمٍ         [click]

  Adam has a lot of work every day.

آدَمُ سـَبّاكٌ وَدائماً لـَدَيْهِ اَلْحَلُّ        [click]
  Adam is a plumber and always has the solution.

آدَمُ يـَعْمَلُ لـِحـِسابـِهِ..       [click]
  Adam has his own business.

آدَمُ لـَيْسَ لـَدَيْهِ مُديرٌ        [click]
  Adam does not have a boss.

كـُلُّ يـَوْمٍ زَبائنُ آدَمَ لـَدَيْهُمْ مُشـْكـِلـَةً وَهُوَ لـَدَيْهِ اَلـْحـَلُّ        [click]
  Everyday Adam's clients have problems and he has the solution.
عـَلـِيَةُ لـَدَيْها سـَبـّاكٌ وَإسـْمُهُ آدَمُ        [click]
  Aliya has a plumber and his name is Adam.

اَلـْيَوْمُ عـَلـِيَةُ لـَدَيْها مُشْكـِلـَةٌ        [click]
  Today Aliya has a problem.

عـَلـِيَةُ لـَدَيْها مـِرْحاضٌ وَهُوَ مُعـَطـَّلٌ        [click]
  Aliya has a toilet and it does not work.

عـَلـِيَةُ : آدَمُ، لـَدَيْنا مـِرْحاضٌ مُعَطـَّلٌ. أنْتَ دائماً لـَدَيْكَ اَلـْحَلّ        [click]
  Aliya - Adam, we have a toilet that does not work. You always have the solution.

آدَمُ ذَهـَبَ لـَها في الـْحالِ        [click]
  Adam went to her immediately.
عـِنْدَ عـَلـِيَةَ هـُوَ قالَ: أنْتـُمْ لـَدَيْكُم مُشـْكـِلـَةٌ وَهِيَ لـَها حـَلٌ        [click]
  Adam - You have a problem and it has a solution.

آدَمُ عـَمِلَ بـِالـْأدَواتِ اَلـْتي لـَدَيْهِ        [click]
  Adam worked with the tools he had.

آدَمُ عـَمِلَ بـِحَماسٍ لـِأنَّ لـَدَيْهِ أخْلاقٌ عالـِيَةٌ        [click]
  Adam worked with energy because he has high moral values.

لـَكـِنْ عـِنْدَما قـَدَّمـَتْ عـَلـِيَةُ لـِآدَمَ اَلـْبـَسْكوتْ الـَّذي عـِنْدَها ... وَهُوَ يـَدَهُ في اَلـْمِرْحاضِ...        [click]
  But when Aliya offered Adam with the cookies she had... while his hands where in the toilet...

آدَمُ قالَ لـِعَلـِيَةٍ: نـَحْنُ لـَدَيْنا مُشْكـِلـَةٌ. أنا لـيْسَ لـَدَيَّ شـَهـِيَةٌ        [click]
  Adam - We have a problem. I do not have an appetite.
 Questions with answers  (translate the five sentences below).     
Adam has a lot of work every day.       [click]

A:   آدَمُ لـَدَيْهِ أشـْغالٌ كـَثيرَةٌ كـُلَّ يـَوْمٍ

Aliya has a plumber and his name is Adam.       [click]

A:  عـَلـِيَةُ لـَدَيْها سـَبـّاكٌ وَإسـْمُهُ آدَمُ

Today Aliya has a problem and Adam has the solution.      [click]

A:  اَلـْيَوْمُ عـَلـِيَةُ لـَدَيْها مُشْكـِلـَةٌ وَآدَمُ لـَدَيْهِ اَلـْحَلُّ

Adam went to her immediately.       [click]

A:  آدَمُ ذَهـَبَ لـَها في الـْحالِ

I do not have an appetite.    [click]

A:  أنا لـيْسَ لـَدَيَّ شـَهـِيَةٌ



 This podcast is MSA/Classical Arabic. Now see the Egyptian colloquial/spoken version.


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