[38] Podcast egyptian colloquial: what I don't like about my job


Step 1 of 4: Review grammar theme for podcast
podcast grammar theme: possessive suffix (with verb "to have")

Step 2 of 4: Listen to podcast   



Step 3 of 4: Review words in podcast   




عـَنْدُه شُغْلْ

´šandu shughl- he has work

عـَنْدَها مُشـْكـِلـَةْ

´šandaha mushkilla- she has a problem

اِلـْبـَسْكوتْ اِللي عـَنْدَها
il baskuut il ´šandaha - the cookies that she has

عـَنْدُهْ اِلـْحَلْ
´šandu il ḥal- he has the solution

عـَنْدِنا كابينيه
´šandina kabineh - we have a toilet

عـَنْدِنا مُشْكـِلـَةْ
´šandina mushkilla- we have a problem

 شـُغـْلـُهْ لـِحـِسابُه
 shughloh li ḥisaaboh
 he has his own business

راحْ عـَنْدَها
raaḥ ´šandaha- he went to her

ما عـَنْديشْ نـِفْسْ
ma´šandiish nifs- I do not have an appetite.

ما عـَنْدوشْ مُديرْ
ma´šandush mudiir  -  he doesn't have a boss

عـنْدْ عـَلـِيَّةْ
´šand ´šaliya- at Aliyya's place

sabaak - plumber

عـَنْدُهُمْ مُشْكـِلـَةْ
´šanduhum mushkilla- they have a problem

اِلـْأدَواتْ اِللي عـَنْدُه
il 'adawaat il ´šandu- the tools that he has

كـُلْ يومْ
kul yom- every day

عـَنْدَها سـَبّاكْ
´šandaha sabaak - she has a plumber

عـَنْدُهْ أخـْلاقْ عالْيَةْ
´šandu.akhlaa' ´šalya. - he has high moral values

dayman - always

Note: "´šand " can mean "to have" Or / "to be at  someone's home or place"


Step 4 of 4: Read podcast dialogue   

آدَمْ عـَنْدُه شـُغْلْ كـِتيرْ كـُلْ يومْ        [click]
  Adam ´šandu shughl kitiir kul yom.           
  Adam has a lot of work every day.

آدَمْ سـَبـّاك وِدايْماً عـَنْدُه اِلـْحَلّْ        [click]
  Adam sabaak wi dayman ´šandu il ḥall.
  Adam is a plumber and always
has the solution.

آدَمْ شـُغـْلـُهْ لـِحـِسابُهْ        [click]
  Adam shughlohli ḥisaaboh
has his own business.

آدَمْ ما عـَنْدوشْ مـُديرْ        [click]
  Adam ma´šandush mudiir.
does not have a boss.

كـُلْ يومْ زَبايـِنْ آدَمْ عـَنْدُهُمْ مُشـْكـِلـَةْ وِهـُوَّ عـَنْدُهْ اِلـْحـَلّْ        [click]
  Kul yom zabaayin Adam ´šanduhum mushkilla wi huwwa ´šandu il ḥall.
  Everyday Adam's clients
have problems and he has the solution.
عـَلـِيَّة عـَنْدَها سـَبـّاك وِهـُوَّ اِسْمُهْ آدَمْ        [click]
  ´šaliyya ´šandaha sabaak wi huwwa ismu Adam.
has a plumber and his name is Adam.

اِلنـَّهارْدا عـَلـِيَّةْ عـَنـْدَها مُشـْكـِلـَةْ        [click]
  Innaharda ´šaliyya ´šandaha mushkilla.
  Today Aliya
has a problem.

عـَلـِيَّةْ عـَنْدَها كابينـيهْ وِمِشْ شـَغـّالْ        [click]
  ´šaliyya ´šandaha kabineh wi mish shaghaal.
has a toilet and it does not work.

عـَلـِيَّةْ: آدَمْ، إحـْنا عـَنـْدِنا كابينيه وِمـِشْ شـَغـّال. إنْتَ دايْماً عـَنـْدَكْ اِلـْحـَلّْ        [click]
  Adam, iḥna ´šandina kabineh mish shaghaal. Inta dayman ´šandak il ḥall.
  Aliya - Adam, we have a toilet that does not work. You always have the solution.

آدَمْ راحْ عـَنْدَها عـَلىَ طولْ        [click]
  Adam raaḥ ´šandaha ´šalatool.
went to her immediately.
عـَنـْدْ عـَلـِيَّةْ هـُوَّ قالْ: إنـْتُمْ عـَنـْدُكـُمْ مُشـْكـِلـَةْ وِهـِيَّ لـِها حـَلّْ        [click]
  Intu ´šandukum mushkilla wi hiyya liha ḥall.
  Adam -
You have a problem and it has a solution.

آدَمْ اِشـْتـَغـَلْ بـِالأدَواتْ اِللي عـَنْدُهْ        [click]
   Adam ishtaghal bil 'adawaat il ´šandu.
  Adam worked with
the tools he had.

آدَمْ اِشـْتـَغـَلْ بـِحـَماسْ عـَشانْ عـَنْدُه أخـْلاقْ عالْيـَةْ        [click]
   Adam ishtaghal bi ḥamaas ´šashaan ´šandu.akhlaa' ´šalya.
  Adam worked with energy because
he has high moral values.

بـَس أمّا عـَلـِيَّةْ عـَزَمِتْ عـَلىَ آدَمْ بـِالـْبـَسْكـوتْ اِللي عـَنْدَها ... وِهـُوَّ إيدُهْ في اِلـْكابينيه...        [click]
  Bas 'amma ´šaliyya ´šazamit ´šala Adam bil baskuut il ´šandaha... wi huwwa 'iidu fil   kabineh...
  But when Aliya offered Adam with
the cookies she had... while his hands where in the   toilet...

آدَمْ قالْ لـِعـَلـِيَّةْ: إحـْنا عـَنـْدِنا مُـشْكـِلـَةْ. أنا ما ليش نـِفْسْ        [click]
  Iḥna ´šandina mushkilla. Ana maliish nifs.
  Adam -
We have a problem. I do not have an appetite.
 Questions with answers       
Adam has a lot of work every day.       [click]

A:   آدَمْ عـَنـْدُهْ شـُغـْلْ كـِتيرْ كـُلْ يومْ
´šandu shughl kitiir kul yom.

Aliya has a plumber and his name is Adam.       [click]

A:  عـَلـِيَّةْ عـَنـْدَها سـَبّاك وِهـُوَّ إسْمُهْ آدَمْ
    ´šaliyya ´šandaha sabaak wi huwwa ismu Adam.

Today Aliya has a problem and Adam has the solution.       [click]

A:  اِلنـَّهارْدا عـَلـِيَّةْ عـَنـْدَها مـُشْكـِلـَةْ وِآدَمْ عـَنْدُهْ اِلـْحَلّْ
´šaliyya ´šandaha mushkilla wi Adam ´šandu il ḥal.

Adam went to her immediately.      [click]

A:  آدَمْ راحْ عـَنْدَها عـَلىَ طولْ
    Adam raaḥ
´šandaha ´šalatool.

I do not have an appetite.       [click]

A:  أنا ما عـَنْديشْ نـِفْسْ
    Ana ma
´šandiish nifs.



This podcast is Egyptian spoken Arabic. Now see the MSA/Classical version.


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