[39] Podcast egyptian colloquial: trouble in the kitchen


Step 1 of 4: Review grammar theme for podcast
podcast grammar theme: negation

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Step 3 of 4: Review words in podcast     



mama- mom

ghariiba- strange

dilwa'ti- now

ṭab- ok, so,

´šashaan  - because

ba´šḍ - each other, some of

lih- why

saḥ - correct

fikra- an idea

akalt- you ate,
I ate

sitta- six

عارِفْ ليه؟
´šaarif lih- do you know why?

ما تِقولْشْ
mitakulsh- not
to eat

قُلْتِ لِك (لَك)
ultilik (ik & ak)- I told you (fem. & masc.)

إنْتَ فين؟
inta feen -
where are you?

aywa - yes

khamsa- five

il-kaḥk - the


Step 4 of 4: Read podcast dialogue     

 إنْتَ فين يا أحْمَدْ؟     [click]
  Inta feen ya Aḥmad ?          
  Mother - Where are you Ahmad?

 إيه يا ماما؟     [click]
  Eh ya maama?
  Aḥmad - What is it mom?

 مِشْ قُلْتْ لَك ما تاكُلْشْ مِنْ الْكَحْك؟      [click]
  Mish ultilak mitakulsh min il kaḥk?
  Mother - Didn't I tell you
not to eat from the cookies?

 أيْوَه يا ماما...      [click]
  Aywa ya maama...
  Aḥmad - Yes, mom.

 طَبْ ليه أكَلْتْ مِنْ الْكَحْكْ؟ كانوا سِتَّه... دِلْوَقْتِ بَقوا خَمْسَة      [click]
  ṭab lih akalt min il kaḥk? Kaanu sitta... dilwa'ti ba'u khamsa.
  Mother - So why did you eat from the cookies? They were six... now they are five.
 أيْوَه يا ماما هُمَّ دِلْوَقْتِ خَمْسَة، غَريبَة      [click]
  Aywa ya maama humma dilwa'ti khamsa! ghariiba...
  Aḥmad - Yes mom they are now five. Strange...

 مِشْ غَريبَة عَشان إنْتَ أكَلْتْ كَحْكايَة، صَحْ؟      [click]
  Mish ghariiba ´šashaan inta akalt kaḥkaaya, saḥ?
  Mother - It's
not strange because you ate a cookie, correct?

 لاءَ يا ماما، إنْتِ قُلْتِ ما تاكُلْشْ مِنْ الْكَحْك وِأنا ما أكَلْتِشْ      [click]
  La'a ya maama, inti ulti makulsh min il kaḥk wi ana makatish...
  Aḥmad - No mom you
said not to eat from the cookies and
I didn't   eat...

 طَبْ هُمَّ خَمْسَة ليهْ؟      [click]
  ṭab humma khamsa lih?
  Mother - Then why are they five?

 يِمْكِنْ هُمَّ بِياكْلوا بَعْضْ؟      [click]
  Yimkin humma biyaklu ba´šḍ.
  Aḥmad - Maybe they are eating each other?
 يِمْكِنْ يا أحْمَدْ، فِكْرَةْ وَاللهِ      [click]
  Yimkin ya Aḥmad - fikra wallaahi.
  Mother - Maybe Ahmed, it's an idea really.

 مِشْ كِدا؟ ... طَبْ مُمْكِن آكُل كَحْكايَة دِلْوَقْتِ؟      [click]
  Mish kidda?... ṭab mumkin akul kaḥkaaya dilwa'ti?
  Aḥmad - Right?... then can I eat a cookie now?

 لاءَ مِشْ مُمْكِن!      [click]
  La'a mish mumkin!
  Mother - No
you can not.

 بَس يا ماما لَو أنا ما أكَلْتِشْ مِنْ الْكَحْكْ هُمَّ حَياكْلوا بَعْضْ      [click]
  Bas ya maama law ana makaltish min il kaḥk humma hayaklu ba´šḍ.
  Aḥmad - But mom if
I don't eat from the cookies they will eat one another.

 لاءَ، مِشْ حَياكْلوا بَعْضْ. عارِف ليهْ؟      [click]
  La'a mish hayaklu ba´šḍ. ´šaarif lih?
  Mother - No
they wont' eat
one another. You know why?
 ليه؟      [click]
  Aḥmad - Why?

 عَشانْ أنا حَاكْلَكْ      [click]
  ´šashaan ana ḥaklak!
  Mother - Because I am going to eat you!

 Questions with answers     
هُوَّ أحْمَدْ أكَلْ الْكَحْكْ؟        [click]

Q:  Did Ahmed eat the cookie? 

A:   أيوه أكَل كحكآية
    'aywa akal il kaḥkaaya
    Yes, he ate the cookie.

هُوَّ اِعْتَرَفْ إنُّهْ أكَلْ الْكَحْكْ؟        [click]

Q:  Does he admit to eating the cookie?

A:  لاء

هِيَّ أُمُّهْ صَدَّقِتْ حِكايْتُهْ عَنْ الْكَحْكَةْ النّاقْصَةْ؟        [click]

Q:  Did his mother believe his story of  the missing cookie?

A:  لاء

كامْ كَحْكَةْ فِضِلتْ؟        [click]

Q:  How many cookies are left over?

A:  خمسة

هُوَّ أحْمَدْ طَلَبْ إيهْ مِنْ أُمُّهْ؟        [click]

Q:  What does Ahmed ask his mother for? 

A:  ممكن آكُل كَحْكايَة دِلْوَقْتِ؟
    mumkin aakul kaḥkaaya dilwa'ti?
    Can I eat a cookie now?


This podcast is Egyptian spoken Arabic. Now see the MSA/Classical version.


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