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Books What are the Arabic 30-Day 9-Level booklet series?

The 9-level multimedia language booklets are for print, mobile, and desktop.

Students contributed directly to Falooka's language booklet series. A special thanks to everyone who submitted questions and feedback.

The online version of the booklets was used at NYU's Speak Freely Program; subscribed by a number of Ivy League Universities; and demoed at the United Nations, NY headquarters.

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If you are purchasing one of our 9-level language booklets the goal is to play 10 lines/day over 30-days.

What does Falooka mean?

Falooka is a 'small boat' seen on the shores of the Nile river. It's not uncommon for both locals and tourists to sail along the Nile, under the moonlight, singing and dancing merrily.

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