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What does Falooka mean?

Falooka is a 'small boat' seen on the shores of the Nile river. It's not uncommon for both locals and tourists to sail along the Nile, under the moonlight, singing and dancing merrily.

What are the Arabic 30-day 9-level booklet series?

The 9-level multimedia language booklets are for print, mobile, and desktop.

Students contributed directly to Falooka's language book series. A special thanks to everyone who submitted questions and feedback.

The books' online version was used at NYU's Speak Freely Program; subscribed by a number of Ivy League Universities; and demoed at the United Nations, NY headquarters.

Falooka's language booklets can be used as a search tool (i.e. reference tool) OR/AND as a series of  structured 30-day study plans.



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