Our Story

What makes Falooka unusual?

Hi my name is Enaya and I helped design Falooka.

We're not big fans of Duolingo and all of the online language learning applications. Bless em. We're all trying to contribute together.

But why not fans...?

Human memory has shortcomings with top performance only when we actively speak with one another. Meaning natural speech.

The closer we are to natural speech in the classroom the better our brain retains.

Natural retrieval, as we speak, is arguably the most effective way to learn a language. Referred to as "active recall."

Hence, Falooka uses the flipped classroom method.

What is the flipped classroom?

In almost every class our learners naturally speak -- using the words they know. Learners take the wheel.

Duolingo on screen interactions and repetitions heavily relies on motivation not a teaching system.

I'll write more on speed language acquisition as we move forward.

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I genuinely would love to meet you. And appreciate you're taking a moment to read this...


Enaya Gad

One of the founders of Falooka