Our Story

What makes Falooka NO-JOKE different?

We create an imaginary world that is relatable to our learners. But that's not enough. 

We use a method that works from day one. 

Our method uses natural speech and active recall -- within the flipped classroom setting.

We're not big fans of Duolingo and all of the online language learning applications. These applications keep you busy. Not much else. A temporary feel good experience. 

But can you really introduce yourself in Arabic? Can you ask to go to the bathroom, stop a taxi, or say you are thirsty, lost, hungry? How long should it take to pull out survival phrases and sentences. 

How do language learning apps fail us...?

Duolingo does not recreate natural settings with meaningful natural interactions.

Human memory has its shortcomings. Drills and exercises are nothing compared to natural speech classes and active recall.

So what is natural speech? The closer we are to a natural speech setting (that is genuinely interesting us) the better our brain retains. We need to be given the freedom to select words and outcomes while expressing ourselves.

Natural retrieval, as we speak, is arguably the most effective way to learn a language. And natural speech relies on "active recall." That means the teacher needs to me patient and wait for the learner to speak. Few  interruptions from day one. 

And, what is active recall? Active recall gives us time to process our thoughts and select the words we want to use.

Hence, Falooka, empowers our learners by using the flipped classroom. 

The flipped classroom:

In almost every class our learners naturally speak -- Learners take the wheel.

We provide setting constraints and your little learner interacts, from day-one, using these given constraints. 

Gradually we add more and more layers to the constraints both visually and on the word-level (lexically); sentence structure (syntactically); and the core-meaning that is conveyed (semantically).

Duolingo's out of context repetitions relies on strong motivational skills not a teaching system that genuinely empowers the learner.

But language learning failed us even long before these applications. I remember French in school. I'd fall asleep until it was my turn for another meaningless "fill-in-the-blank." We all thought something was wrong with us... we didn't even sit in a circle. We just sat in long rows with our backs to one another. The total antithesis of natural speech.

Again, we need to empower learners to interact freely within a creative and relatable setting.

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Enaya Gad

Falooka founder (one of em anyway)