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So what makes Falooka unusual?

We put a lot of thought & testing to make the Arabic language
learning process so-much-easier.

No joke, we're dead serious. Over 200 Arabic language students
helped us understand the challenges you battle against.

Falooka took 6 years to build/re-build until we perfected
the lectures.



  Using the 80-20 rule each lecture summarizes the "most vital points"
into under 3-minute videos.

The Pareto 80-20 rule states, roughly, 80% of the results are
based on 20% of what we know.

So why memorize the unnecessary?

The number one cause for language learning drop-outs is
too much information.

Falooka does the exact opposite.

While you can opt to discover more within each lecture
you are encouraged to move FORWARD .

How? Each lecture has a 3-minute (or less) summary video.
Then you apply.

Our BULLET PROOF method shows you not only how Arabic
WORKS but also what are the MOST IMPORTANT POINTS
according to what students told us.

Sample of inline audios:

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Now, with Falooka's tested techniques at New York University's
"Speak Freely Program" (Disclosure: New York University
does not endorse Falooka in any way) AND online -- we are
confident you will not only learn Arabic FASTER but the
process will be MORE LOGICAL hence MORE RETAINABLE.

Why? Each lecture focuses on ONE grammar construction and
repeatedly uses the construction within an applicative short story.
Stories are recorded as podcasts.

All lectures use these icons:


Dead-on explanations

Beware of TRICKY topics. This will tell you what to
focus on.

Situational drills (e.g. restaurant or social event).

Press to listen.

 You can skip me. I'm not absolutely necessary.

Plus, discover how students graded the lessons in difficulty:

Over 6 years Falooka used the direct feedback method.
We merged the western mindset on BEST PRACTICES
with the specific challenges to learning the Arabic language.

As Arabic language learners you helped us understand how
to get the job done.

Falooka uses a dumbed-down mindset.

And what did Arabic students, like yourself, tell us?

1- Simplify, simplify, simplify (don't make me feel stupid).

2- Compare and use analogies (help me remember).

3- Use 3-minute summary videos (don't waste my time).

But hold on...

While fiercely sticking to the BIG PICTURE - we also
provide for the nerds more inconspicuous rules. But still
you can move FORWARD .

Why? Because if the learning process is "too unmanageable"
the approach FAILS.

Therefore, we need to look for REPEATABLE patterns
and not sink in excess detail.

For example, Falooka breaks down the reading process into
FOUR LAWS required by every word you read in Arabic
(i.e. one of the four laws will make up any word).

When you join Falooka, at the low annual amount, we
SYSTEMATICALLY walk you through the Arabic language

We deliver clear steps that non-native speakers desperately

But remember this is not a learn Arabic quick gimmick.

This is a genuine course on how to learn Arabic

Our team of contributors tested, edited, and recorded the

Over 200 Arabic students were tested DAILY. You suggested
and we obeyed.

This is a labor of love from us to you!

View our learning materials:

Sample of inline audios:


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or whole, as your own materials. Credit need be given, at all
times, to Falooka.

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