Shipping Time

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COVID-19 shipping update:
United States: Minor operational delays
Worldwide: USPS and FedEx will continue delivering despite COVID-19.
Customers living in regions severely impacted by the COVID-19 may experience delays.


 Shipping time estimates vary depending on product type:

Books: United States is 7-14 business days AND Worldwide 12-32 days. 


 Carefully enter APARTMENT NUMBER and ZIP CODE during checkout for fast delivery.

 You will be notified when your order has been processed and when it has began shipping. From this point on it is a matter of waiting for the delivery to your address.

 Should receive a tracking number by email once item is shipped.

 We may at times offer cultural accessories and clothing in our store:

Watches and Wallets: United States is 14-20 business days AND Worldwide 22-54 days.
Bangles and Charms: United States is 7-10 business days AND Worldwide 12-32 days.
Clothing: United States is 7-14 business days AND Worldwide 12-32 days.

USA, Canada, Australia, NZ and UK get the fastest shipping service due to priority lines.

 We are not in any way liable for late deliveries. Our goal is to quickly ship from the factory. However, in rare cases items may be held up at customs -- longer than usual. You will need to wait for the item to be safely released from customs. In no way can we notify customs to speed up the delivery. Please be patient. You item will arrive safely.